Why Do Women Date Older Men


While the cougar-dating-young-hottie culture has become a lot more rampant today, the fact remains that the number of men dating younger women is still way higher than that of women dating younger men.

Older men are financially more stable

Women get a lot of flak for choosing men that are loaded. But this phenomenon is a direct result of women not having any financial security, right to property, right to equal pay etc. for a batter part of history. Even today, a woman cannot be a 100% sure that she would still have her job when she comes back from a maternity leave. Here is where dating an older guy can be really beneficial since older guys are more likely to have a stable job and be more financially stable than younger guys.

Men their own age may not be as mature

Another key reason that drives women into eh arms of older men is that sometimes, guys their own age are not mature enough for them. Women like to turn to their partners for advice and guidance and men their own age may not have enough experience to provide the kind of support they need. An older guy, on the other hand, would have more experience dealing with life and this would make him more attractive to a girl.

Older men are more open to commitment

Young women like to date older guys because men their own age may still not be ready to commit or settle down. The entire concept of “playing the field” revolves around men avoiding commitment to find a more suitable mate for themselves. This makes girls very insecure. An older man would have already played the field long enough and thus he would be more open to settling down which makes them more attractive to young women.