Why do people go to garage sales

garage sales

Garage sales have become a lot rarer since people have begun selling and buying second hand items over the internet. However, a lot of people still go to garage sales. We explain why the pastime from days gone by is till so popular with people.

Garage sales are the predecessors of eBay selling

Buying things on eBay has been popular for less than a decade now. However, garage sales have been around for as long as people have had neighbors. Originally, garage sales were more of a barter kind of deal. In more modern times, people went to garage sales to acquire items like garden chairs, old stools etc. that could be inspected in person and a buyer could determine whether its condition was worth the price or not.

Interpersonal interaction makes garage sales fun

Most garage sales are held out in people’s front yards or in their driveways. Since a seller usually has 20 or more items on sale, you are likely to find a lot of stuff that is related to what you are looking for. For example, a person selling a bunch of computer peripherals can also be persuaded to sell the computer table or cables. Besides, being able to meet your seller in person kind of adds a touch of history to an item that you buy.

Garage sales are held by people with no sales experience

Have you ever tried bargaining with a salesman?  If you are anything like the rest of us, trying to bargain with a salesman probably has you spending more and paying extra for the same deal that was costing you around 20% less before you begin to bargain. The advantage with going to garage sales, however, remains that you don’t have to deal with professional sales people. These average everyday people can be talked to and persuaded to be flexible on pricing and combinations.