Why do people go to school


In the modern world, many people see going to school as a gigantic waste of time and money and think that pursuing a career at a low wage job right out of high school is a better option than being burdened with huge student loans and spending the next 3-5 years toiling away at a school. However, that hasn’t stopped students from pursuing college. We explore why people go to school and what benefits it reaps them.

People go to school to broaden their knowledge base

Depending on what country you choose to go to school in and whether you pick a longer or shorter course, going to college can help you greatly enhance your knowledge base. College courses help students study subjects from their very basics right down to the most advanced levels which can help expand a students’ knowledge of a subject greatly.

People go to school to get an academic degree

Getting into college, completing the prescribed curriculum and taking the necessary tests enable to you get a degree that can help you build a great base for your professional life. In most cases, a foundation undergraduate degree enables students to apply for specialized degrees for professions like medicine, engineering etc. further down in their academic careers.

People go to school to experience “college life”

Even a regular old, garden variety community college can expose you to a variety of new and unusual character who can have a profound effect on shaping your personality as you go from a high school graduate to something resembling an actual adult that is ready to take on all that life has to throw at them. if you go a larger college, your college life experience can include endless nights of partying to the most stimulating intellectual conversations and whatever else you desire as school requires you to be in close proximity with thousands of people your own age!