Why do people go to Goa


Goa is often dubbed “Pearl of the Orient” by international travelers. The Indian state is popular with both domestic as well as international tourists and millions of them throng to its beaches during the tourist season. Here are a few other reasons that have made Goa popular with visitors.

To go to India without really going to INDIA

Not many people realize that Goa hadn’t really been an official part of India till 1961 and that the state had been officially a Portuguese colony for more than 451 years at that point in time! Goans speak and understand Hindi well enough and the state now has a sizable Hindu population (like most parts of India) though most tourist centers are located around either at places with a condensed catholic population or far away from population entirely. This doesn’t allow a traveler to experience India as it really is. For those that find the culture too vivid for their liking, Goa is the perfect way to visit India without really getting close to its passionate side.

To experience a thriving party season

Goa thrives on tourism and has become a vacation hub for partiers from India as well as overseas. The official “party season” in Goa coincides with the tourist season during which international DJs and artists play at Goan nightclubs which also hold raves and theme parties through the season.

To work on their tan

International travelers that visit Goa are often warned to avoid swimming in the sea. That is because the waters of the Arabian Sea are rather rough and virtually the entire Goan coastline is dotted with dangerous cliffs and iffy waters. Since swimming and surfing aren’t real draws for tourists, the only attraction that Goa holds for international travelers is the warm sun that can leave them with a really nice tan within a few days.