Why do people go to church


Religion doesn’t have the same hold over the population as it did some 500 years ago. However, many people still go to church and visiting a church remains an essential part of their schedules. Let’s find out why people go to church.

To pray

Both Christians and non-Christians are allowed to enter a church and pray. This is a major motivation for people to go to church.

To listen to a sermon

The sermon is a special part of the less orthodox Christian sects. Through sermons, priests interpret the teachings of the bible and other religious texts for the masses and help them understand these tomes with ease.

To attend religious services

Special religious services marking various saints’ feasts and other events in the Christian calendar are also held in churches. Practicing Christians go to church to attend these services to be a part of them and to witness priests and ministers performing special rituals.

For confessions, weddings, funerals, baptisms and christenings etc.

Depending on what church one belongs to and how orthodox their beliefs are, a Christian person would go a church for a wedding, for funerals, for christenings, baptisms etc. since these ceremonies can only be performed by ordained ministries and priests. Catholics visit the church to offer their confession to their priest as well.

To admire their historicity

The Roman Catholic Church sent its missionaries to spread the word of the bible around the world during the middle ages. Most of these missionaries built picturesque churches that have stood the test of time and are still present as a reminder of the glory of the bygone era. Churches in Christian countries throughout Europe have invested large sums of money into the development and decoration of churches and many of these monuments today represent the height of the renaissance and the church’s