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Why do people hate Anne Hathaway

Why do people hate Anne Hathaway

To understand why people find Anne Hathaway annoying we first have to consider what people want from a star of her stature. People want their Hollywood star to be glamorous yet down to earth and full of positive vibes but some mystery should be involved, she should be confident and not try too hard to get your attention. Well Anne Hathaway is pretty and ambitious. She is a good actress as well but still people do not find her charming or likable. There are many reasons that can be stacked up against Miss Hathaway. She is someone who doesn’t know the art of befriending the crowd. Her unfriendly manners make her the annoying dork who is always trying to please.

We want our favorite actress to be naughty and sweet. We want her to be a little bit of a bad girl. Anne’s miss-goody-two-shoes attitude can be very irritating at times. It seems she doesn’t know how to have fun and is kind of prissy. Whoever is managing her PR, they are not doing a great job for sure. Anne says too much about her desires, wishes and everything else publicly and that’s her undoing. She probably wants to appear all innocent and enthusiastic but from the way she talks it is evident that she is up to some manipulation for roles, accolades and appreciation.

She smiles too much. Let’s face it- Hathaway is pretty but her grin is a bit too big for our liking. It seems she is smiling all the time and in most media coverage. During her Oscar hosting session she was nervous and it was so evident in her manner that even ardent Hathaway fans have now become haters. She says modest things but her expressions and attitude both tell that she thinks herself above the rest of us and that is sure annoying.

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