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Why do people hate me

Why do people hate me

You may be wondering why people hate you and even after trying hard you may not get to the correct answer. Sometimes we do things that are perfectly normal in our own eyes but we have no idea how other people perceive our act. The truth is that even you may have not liked your own actions or words if you were at the other person’s position. It is important for each of us to see the world from the point of view of others. The straightforward reason for someone hating you can be that you behaved rudely or made them angry.

If you do not nod or smile at someone you know during a chance meeting they will take a dislike to you. Lack of good manners can be a reason why people hate you. Even today some of the rules of etiquette are necessary for everyone to know. No one likes to be bullied or looked down upon. If you have made someone feel that they are below you in social standing or intelligence then they will bear the feeling of loathing for you. To be likable you need to behave more modestly and not make people uncomfortable around you.

When you act needy and insecure then even people who liked you may start hating you. Do not send too many texts or do not try to pry in others matters. If someone doesn’t return your phone call or reply to your text, you don’t have to obsess over the matter. Misunderstandings also lead to hatred and estrangement. Not considering the people around you and being busy with your own life can make them hate you. Selfishness leads to nothing but loneliness and hatred at the end. Reasons can be varied, you just have to understand how someone sees you to change your attitude and rise in their eyes.

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