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Why do people hate Muslims

Why do people hate Muslims

Hatred for a particular community stems out of misconception and lack of proper knowledge. The world is afflicted by terrorism and it is true that many of the terror attacks have been maneuvered by the Muslims but just because some of them are involved with terrorism that doesn’t give anyone the right to hate the entire community. There are many Muslims who are devout follower of their religion and do not even think about harming another person. Not all Muslims are disrespectable.  Some of them live perfectly respectable and blameless lives. People who hate the Muslims do not have a clear perception regarding world politics and history of the Muslim community.

Some people hate the Muslims just because of the cultural difference and socio-political taboos. When asked why they hate the Muslims many people would answer that the food habits and intelligible language they speak is the root reason for the hatred they face. The truth is that difference of culture has been hyped and highlighted whenever there have been a crime committed by the Muslims and this has made people inhibited. Wrong information and inhibitions are the two prime reasons behind anti-Muslim propagations.

Some people do not understand the religious beliefs of the Muslims and their lack of knowledge regarding the Islam feeds their racial hatred.  The Muslims who live in non-Islamic countries are not trusted because native people think that they are not loyal to their country and might betray it. This is not true in most cases. Muslims like people of any other community go abroad to get a better life and earn better wages but they do not always have bad intentions. People of every cultural community get involved with riots, wars, treachery and other crimes but pointing our fingers at a single community will be a big mistake that will not help us in any way.

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