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Why do people hate Jews

Why do people hate Jews

Hating the Jews is definitely a type of racism. The mass hatred and loathing have its roots in history. The exact reasons behind anti-Semitism are quite elusive and hard to understand. It became apparent among the Germans during the Second World War. The Nazis were determined to eradicate the race of Jews completely. There is a group of people in most cultures that hate the Jews and even in the modern times they are not accepted as wholeheartedly as the other cultures. The Bible addresses the Jews as the “Chosen People.” This should at least go in their favor but despite of the high regards that the Jews received from the Holy Book itself they are held responsible for conspiracy to take over the world.

One of the reasons why Jews were hated at the time of Second World War and before that was the fact that they were very powerful and wealthy. They could buy anything and lived lavishly. Their power unnerved the people of other sects and communities. The fact that Bible has called Jews the “Chosen People” has not gone down well with many and has given rise to a violent racism. People of other cultures and communities hate the Jews because they think that Jews look down upon them and behave with certain arrogance and nonchalance.

Jews have been used internationally to be blamed for different political problems. They have become the common target of different cultural groups and sects of our world. Another very strong and baseless reason for hating the Jews is that they are thought to be racially inferior to the rest of the cultural sects. Another reason that has made people hate Jews is that they helped the Romans to kill Jesus. This is also unreasonable because only a few Jews helped the Romans whereas rest of them remained faithful.

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