Why Do People Like Andrés Iniesta


Andrés Iniesta, a 29-year-old Spanish footballer, is already hype among the fans of football. This central midfielder is associated with a reputed club, FC Barcelona. He is also a valuable asset for the Spanish national team. Andrés Iniesta plays a versatile game while displaying a mastery of it. He is a maestro who has a wonderful intuitive ability when on the football field. Since his debut game at an age of 18, Andrés Iniesta has completely impressed all his fans through his brilliant play in each of his games.

People believe that he is one of the best football players of his generation. Even his fellow players feel that he is one of the greatest midfielders in the history of the game. After playing at the junior levels, Andrés Iniesta finally made his international debut at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He was a key player of the Spanish national team in events like Euro 2008, Euro 2012 and 2010 FIFA World Cup where he achieved several feats. In 2009, he was bestowed with the La Liga Spanish Player of the Year award; while in 2012, he received the UEFA Best Player in Europe award.

Andrés Iniesta has wonderful technical skills that make dribbling and passing tasks easier for him. His poise and humble approach appeal everybody who watches his game. His vision has made him rise gloriously through his football career. Whether it is about club football or playing with the national team of his country, Andrés Iniesta has always given consistent performance. Considering his outstanding field performances at all levels, he was given the year 2011’s Marca Legend Award. His guile in the soccer field is appreciated by all, and that is the reason he has been able to attract millions of fans. People really appreciate the overall persona he displays during his games.