Why Do People Like David Villa

David Villa

A genius of the game of football, David Villa Sánchez is a 32-year-old Spanish player who usually appears on the soccer field as a striker and sometimes as a winger. David Villa plays a brilliant game for the Atlético Madrid club, as well as for the Spanish national team. He is a record goalscorer in the history of Spanish football. People call him a born goalscorer who became the first Spanish player to have reached the mark of 50 international goals. In comparison to all Spanish players, David Villa has scored more World Cup goals.

There has almost been no Spanish player who could match his goals-to-games ratio. This deadly player is highly appreciated for his explosive strikes. His career high came when he was declared as the joint top scorer in the 2010 World Cup, which was won by his team. David Villa has not only focused on the quantity of goals, but he has also scored quality goals that would hardly be forgotten by any of his fans. Despite his serious leg injuries, David Villa never let his performance go down. His strong willpower in his personal and professional lives has made an impressive impact on many people who have an intense liking for him.

His followers not only appreciate his clever movements in the field, but also honor the social causes he stands for. David Villa believes to be an example for the society by helping those people who are less fortunate. That is the reason he keeps getting involved in such events that are organized to help needy individuals. He might be a feared striker in the soccer field, but he is a humble person off the ground. Born in a small village in Asturias, Spain, David Villa now rules the entire football field and the hearts of millions of his followers.