Why Do People Like Fernando Torres

 Fernando Torres

Born in 1984, Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish football player who is nicknamed El Niño. Fernando Torres plays for the Chelsea club, as well as the Spanish national team at the striker position. He has always been a wonderful goalscorer and that is what made him win many hearts. Even though he faced some criticisms regarding his club game, he took all these criticisms positively and continued performing marvelously at the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. In fact, he made the Chelsea team win its first UEFA Europa League in 2012-13.

The fans of Fernando Torres like his motivational level that also led him to become the first player to have held four grand championships simultaneously. These tournaments include the Europa League, Champions League, European Championships and World Cup. Fernando Torres is also the third all-time highest goalscorer for Spain. His dedicated goalscoring performance led to his national team’s victory in grand tournaments like the UEFA Euro 2008 and 2012, as well as the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Fernando Torres is known to have possessed a vision of the game and a skill to be spectacular at it.

Innumerable followers of Fernando Torres appreciate him for his world-class abilities to play football. He has been able to achieve great success because of his technical proficiency that reflects wonderfully in his strikes. He has been majorly recognized for his quickness on the field, as his speed and positioning are extraordinary. When he steers the football fast on the field toward his goal, the opponent team finds it hard to stop him.

People appreciate the pace at which he plays. It is this pace that has been the basis of his successfully scored goals. Even after facing several injuries that have slowed down his speed, he has not lost his determination. This is the best thing about this star player that is loved by all.