Why Do People Like Johan Cruijff

Johan Cruijff

Hendrik Johannes Cruijff OON, who is better known as Johan Cruijff, is a former footballer from Netherlands. As his OON (Order of Orange-Nassau) title suggests, he has earned a good reputation in the society through his work. The society has recognized and appreciated him for his contributions to the game of football. This is because of the excellence he has shown in his ability to play the game. Johan Cruijff majorly played international football in 1960s and 70s where he covered the center forward and midfielder positions. His team never lost a game in which he scored a goal.

His career started with the Ajax club where he remained a major player in the team that won three European Cups. Johan Cruijff also won himself the Eredivisie title eight times. He became the European Footballer of the Year when he got associated with the FC Barcelona club in 1973. While playing for the Netherlands national team, he won himself the World Cup Golden Ball for being the player of the tournament at the 1974 FIFA World Cup. He also led the team to his wonderful victory. People will always remember his extraordinary soccer skills that shined more when he received the Ballon d’Or not once but thrice through his career.

Aspirants of the game look up to him to learn the style he possessed on the field. In fact, Johan Cruijff was given the tag of “Total football” for this unique playing style. This flexible style helps to retain the structure that the team intends to follow in the game. He would have surely taught it to his students in the Catalonia national team, as he always believed in the growth of football players. Until recently, he had been handling this team as a manager.

His fellow footballers regard him as a playmaker possessing honed technical abilities, speed and acceleration. Every football fan regards him as one of the greatest footballers of all time. This can undoubtedly be proved by the second rank he received in the World Player of the Century poll. He was only superseded by the grand footballer, Pelé. Johan Cruijff has always been a star for his fans that loved him as a player and still love him in his managerial roles.