Why do people like Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The existing generation of football fans are considered to be the luckiest in the world, owing to the fact that they got to see to football geniuses in their lifetime. Both of them are excellent players in their own regard and worship the game. However, when it comes to choosing a favorite, the scales tilt towards one side. And the person sitting on that side happens to be none other than Lionel Messi, the Argentine footballer who plays for the national team as well as the La Liga Club FC Barcelona. So why do people like Messi so much? Here are some possible reasons.

Low Profile

In sharp contrast to several footballers whose high handedness have made them lose plenty of fans, Messi’s low profile is what draws people to him like magnets. He doesn’t give many interviews and doesn’t feature in many magazines. Most important of all, he isn’t caught having a one night stand in a nightclub, something that is fairly common with popular footballers around the world. He never backbites, not does he speak ill of his teammates. He doesn’t even talk much about himself.

A little weed in a garden of gigantic plants

Messi needs to be force-fed, and is a weed; small, titchy and yet, ready to take on any big bully who intimidates him. In a way, Messi is a role model to all those small weeds out there trying to make themselves prominent in a garden of gigantic plants.

Simple Lifestyle

In spite of being one of the most popular football players in the world, Messi reportedly leads a simple lifestyle. He is silent and modest, and does not let the winds of time change him, both physically and mentally. His hairstyle hasn’t changed in years. Neither has his humility. On the field, Messi is like old school, bringing back long lost Corinthian values to the game. You would never be able to see him shouting back at the referee for a wrong call, faking an injury, or trying to hog the limelight. That’s Messi for you. And that’s probably why we love him so much.