Why Do People Like Michel Platini

Michel Platini

Michel Platini, who is currently heading the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) as its president, has had a great football career himself. This French attacking midfielder has impressed many people during his career. Throughout 1980s, Michel Platini had remained a very important part of the French national team. In fact, he was the top goalscorer and best player in the European Championship that was held in 1984. People used to be wonderfully impressed by his excellent passing, free kicking and finishing skills. When on the football ground, he was a real charmer.

His fans still feel that he was magical. His performance as a footballer also led him to become the coach of the French national team during his later career. As a chairperson, he has also provided leadership to the technical and development committee of FIFA. Michel Platini might really have been blessed with an ability to see through the game. He could read the game so well that he always planned for his next action before time. This special attraction about him brought him thousands of fans. Not only was Michel Platini a good defense player, but also an amazing striker.

Michel Platini has also been a three-time winner of the Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball or the European Footballer of the Year award). Since the start of his career in early 1970s with the Nancy club, Michel Platini had remained quite impressive through his football skills. He later continued to be successful during his association with the Saint-Etienne club. However, it was not a pleasant initial experience when he played for the Juventus club, as he was suddenly introduced to a new world of Italian football. However, a change in playing tactics again made him see an upturn in the game. His football career has been an inspiration for many, and that is the reason people like him in all the roles he has played as yet.