Why Do People Like NBA

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Founded in 1946, the National Basketball Association or NBA is a North American professional basketball league for pre-eminent men. It is not only followed by people in America, but is also liked by fans globally. In fact, they consider NBA to be a professional basketball league for premier men. NBA is a reputed basketball league that is a member of the FIBA-operated USA Basketball. FIBA or the International Basketball Association governs the game of basketball in the U.S. For North American fans, NBA is one of the major professional sports leagues.

People had their interest in this league from its initial days, but their interest soared high after 1979 when rookies like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined its franchises. Since then, the craze for NBA has been spreading like a flood throughout the nation, as well as across the world. There has been a significant rise in the fan following of NBA while many star players kept joining in. The action seen on basketball courts and the passion displayed by players of NBA seems amazing to the viewers. In fact, the league has become so famous that many international players have also joined in.

NBA has widely expanded since its establishment. Now, its star players feel proud if they receive NBA awards for their outstanding contributions to the game of basketball. NBA itself has a major contribution to the development and publicity of basketball across the nation and throughout the world. People have developed a special craze for basketball through NBA’s efforts. Currently, the league consists of 30 teams out of which 29 teams are based in the U.S. and one in Canada. Every season of NBA games is telecast to viewers. Apart from regular seasons, NBA also celebrates its annual All-Star Game, in which fans also get to vote for their star teams and players. Thus, NBA’s popularity has been constantly attracting more people to watch basketball.