Why Do People Love a Bad Review


Whether it is a movie or product review or any other type of review about services, it is generally observed that people love to read a bad review more than a positive review. What is the reason that people get going when you give them a negative review to read? Does a bad review have any special effect on them? Let us look at some common reasons for people to love a bad review.

To make social comparisons and increase self-esteem

Many psychologists list social comparison as one of the major reasons why people turn toward negative reviews more than positive reviews. People usually compare themselves with others so they can themselves perform better. This further gives a boost to their self-esteem. Thus, they feel better when they hear about negative things faced by others in their lives. A bad review about others literally brightens their day.

To know about pretentious things

No goody-goody review can show people those pretentious aspects that a bad review can display openly. People love bad reviews, as they uncover the deliberately hidden truths. For example, a restaurant may enhance its image through several means of publicity. However, a bad review by a genuine customer can display those faulty service aspects of a restaurant that were pretentious before this review became known.

To gain pleasure and fun

While some people gain sadistic pleasure from reading a bad review, others have fun out of it. They think that a negative review is written quite comically at times and they enjoy reading such funny stuff. They are also the ones who would appreciate sarcasm in everything. For example, if a restaurant review talks about its menu and compares it with some crappy things, people find it funny. Thus, they find negative review reading as a pleasurable and satisfactory experience.