Why Do We Care About Biodiversity

Why Do We Care About Biodiversity

When we talk about biodiversity, we are talking about the total diversity of nature and life forms. Due to a variety of human activities and the resulting global climatic changes, this balance of biodiversity is getting disturbed. Thus, it is time for us to take care of biodiversity. There are various reasons why we should do this.

As part of biodiversity

Since we are also a part of this biodiversity, we can be negatively affected by the same factors that affect trees and animals. Unclean water and air pollution can kill us the same way as it kills other species of plants and animals. Thus, it is critical to ensure our survival, as well as the survival of other species by caring about biodiversity.

Connectedness of nature

As biodiversity affects you, you also affect biodiversity. Thus, everything is interconnected. Our activities deplete our natural resources and it is essential that we control it to maintain biodiversity. If we do not care for it today, it will come back to us tomorrow as a consequence.

Receiving free services

Our complete technology would also be insufficient to deliver all those services that biodiversity provides us for free. For example, biodiversity not only offers air cooling and filtering services, but also offers water filtering and storage, plant pollination, flood control and soil aeration services. It would be a huge cost burden if we provide these ecosystem services through the use of technology.

Ensuring a good future

If we do not start caring for biodiversity now, there will not be enough left for our future generations. Our present activities determine a great future for us. That is the reason we hear about concerning issues when it comes to saving and caring for our environment and natural resources. We ensure a healthy future by mending our current activities on this planet.