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Why do people marry someone they don’t love

Why do people marry someone they don’t love

We all are social beings and secretly fear being judged. Even in today’s world people marry for convenience and not for love. Marriage as a social system or tradition was invented for security and to determine paternity. The property laws are based mainly on marriage and marital rights. We glorify marriage as the unison of souls and in some cultures it is believed to be the bond that stretches beyond life. The truth, however, is not all sweet and mushy. Many people marry because they want to be accepted in society and seem more respectable.

Though it might sound unbelievable people look at married people as more reliable and trustworthy. Women are pestered to get married and single women, past their prime, are often disrespected and looked down upon. The society has learnt to accept unconventional relationships and women have become more independent. There was a time when most women married because they needed marital security and the assurance that they can maintain a good lifestyle. With a large number of women going to colleges and getting higher education that scenario has changed. Modern women do not need to marry for money or livelihood.

In the developing nations women are still subjugated to arranged marriages against their wills. In such marriage the decision of marriage is not taken by two individual but it is decided by their families. Convenience and peer pressure often make people vulnerable and they agree to a marriage where there is no love. Men marry to get a partner who will do the household chores and make their lives easier. People also marry out of the fear that they have to die alone and friendless. It is pathetic that even in our modern world so many people are giving priority to useless fears and insecurities while taking the decision regarding marriage.

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