Why Do People Really Use Facebook

Why Do People Really Use Facebook

In an online world, people are constantly searching for newer ways of communication. Facebook is an important part of online social media that supports communication in a variety of ways. Out of all social media platforms, Facebook is the most used platform by millions of people across the world. Read on to know why so many people use this communication platform to stay in touch with their families and friends.

To serve the need of belongingness

Every individual wants to belong to some social groups. For this purpose, they do what others have been doing. Thus, they join Facebook when all their friends and relatives have also been joining it. They want to connect to their community and feel attached to it. Facebook offers multiple ways to create such connections and belong to preferred communities.

To serve the need of self-presentation

People want to display their possessions and present themselves positively in front of others. Thus, they look for a way through which they could fulfill their need of self-presentation. One such wonderful platform supporting this need is Facebook, which lets people make their profiles and share their ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through various means. People can form new connections on Facebook and share images and videos with their connections. Thus, they use Facebook as a medium to display their lives.

To enhance self-esteem

Although people do it subconsciously, they are trying to give a boost to their self-esteem by using Facebook. Receiving virtual likes and comments on pictures and statuses can enhance their image in their own eyes.

To kill time and avoid boredom

Many people who feel lonely or want to avoid boredom in their lives go on making a profile on Facebook where they interact and communicate virtually with their connections. This helps them kill spare time, as well as their boredom.