Why do people seek therapy

seek therapy

Seeking therapy is no longer the dirty word it was a few decades ago. Thanks to the destigmatization of the process of getting help, a lot of people have begun seeking professional help for a range of problems. Here are some of the most prominent reasons that make people seek therapy.

Emotional issues

Emotional issues are the number one cause for which people seek therapy. From grief counseling to couples counseling, counseling for substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, financial anxiety etc., and therapy addresses a lot of issues that a person may not be equipped to handle on their own. Since therapy seeks to get to the emotional roots of behavioral problems, it helps people change disruptive or dangerous behaviors in a more organic way. The interpersonal interaction that comes with seeking professional therapy also helps people believe that they can get rid of their problems if they try hard enough.

Counseling to overcome disorders

People with personality disorders or other mental health issues often don’t even realize how advanced their problem is or how it is affecting their life and the lives of others around them. Since not all cases may require institutionalization, rehab or pharmaceutical intervention, therapy sessions may help people overcome problems in a gentler way which may only be marginally disruptive to their existing schedule.

To complement pharmaceutical help

Thanks to the massive developments made in the field of pharmaceuticals, we virtually have a pill to cure most problems. Sadly, while a pill may prevent your anger issues or alcohol issues from flaring out of control, they won’t help you get in touch with your feelings or help you become a better person. This is where therapy can help a person with an emotional or substance abuse problem understand the emotional root of their problems.