Why do people go to Sedona


Sedona is one of the most popular tourist spots in the US. Perfect for outdoorsy people, families and adventurers, Sedona allows travelers to explore the natural offerings of the region at their own pace. Here are a few more reasons that prompt people to go to Sedona.

Sedona’s famous vortexes

It is believed that there are many spots around Sedona that feature vortexes that are made not from water or wind but from spirals of spiritual energy that boost attempts to pray and meditate. It is believed that the energy released from these vortexes interacts with a person’s inner self and the flow exits on multiple dimensions.

Mountain Biking and hiking

Sedona’s hiking trails do double duty as a network of bike trails that is one of the most extensive ones in the region. Most of the trails in the region take bikers and hikers through the scenic routes though many wilderness areas do not allow mountain bikes to pass through.

Stargazing overnight is a huge draw too

Sedona’s landscape is blanketed by darkness at night which allows stargazers to get a very clear view of the night sky. With minimal light pollution to worry about, stargazing in Sedona is a great draw for amateur astronomers and people who want to witness meteor showers.

To experience a scenic drive

One way to take in the splendor of Sedona is to drive through the spectacular scenery surrounding the Red Rock Country. Popular driving routes through the region include Red Rock Loop Road, Schenbly Hill’s scenic drive, State Route 179 aka Red Rock Scenic Byway and the 89A that goes right through Oak Creek Canyon. The routes are famed for providing a spectacular view of the desert wildlife, the verdant vegetation, cliffs, crimson peaks and buttes that the area is famed for.