Why do people text message

Why do people text message

Text messaging has become second nature to most of us today. Even though trade analysts keep telling us that texting is all but dead now that we have video calling, the short message service is thriving better than ever. Let’s find out what makes text messaging so appealing to people.

It is a way to communicate privately

Text messages are the simplest way to have a private conversation with someone despite being surrounded by people. This is by far the most appealing aspect of text messaging.

It is a way to communicate discreetly

When you have your phone set on silent or vibration mode, you can send and receive texts without garnering the attention of others around you.

It is a way to communicate precisely

Text messaging has actually been a boon for precision in communication. Since body language, the nuances of a face to face conversation and the modulation of one’s voice during a phone conversation are left out of the equation; people are able to say precisely what they want.

It is economical

Text messaging is very economical both in terms of its cost as well as in terms of the time it takes to convey a single message. The economy of words that text messaging necessitates allows people to say only what they want to say forgoing the niceties that a phone conversation requires. For example, if you want to tell your mom to bring to bring bread while she is at the grocery store, you can simply text her “mom, we’re out of bread” instead of calling her and engaging in a longer conversation.

It is quick yet easy paced

Emails are too time-consuming for one-line conversations and IMs are too fast paced and require one to keep an eye on the screen through the duration of the conversation. Text messaging, however, is the perfect middle ground between the two.