Why do people think abortion is wrong


Abortion, unless so carried out for purposes of sex selection, is a procedure that allows women to choose to not have a baby if they don’t want to. However, a lot of people think abortion is wrong. We examine the reasons behind that notion.

Religious fanaticism

Most religious texts were written at a time where medical technology wasn’t too advanced. Hence, abortion doesn’t feature heavily in them and they provide no identifiable stance on the issue. Pro-life hardliners choose to interpret this lack of mention of abortion in religious texts as a sign that god doesn’t support abortion and thus they condemn it.


Pharmaceutical corporations, insurance firms, banks and hospitals too contribute heavily to lobbying. Many people believe that these lobbyists back pro-life activists and legislators supporting them as a pregnant woman is likely to spend more on pre- and post-natal medication for herself and the baby, on health insurance and may need loans to support the child and loss of income. All of this pumps a huge amount of money into the system. A simple abortion would rob the system of this opportunity to earn and by paying activists and legislators to claim abortion is wrong, these corporations are able to secure a revenue stream.

Women’s rights issues

Women’s rights have been a controversial issue for a better part of human history. However, pro-life proponents often choose to ignore the fact that women have a right to their own body. While pro-life proponents cry themselves hoarse about the rights of fetuses, they conveniently forget that women have a right to refuse to have a baby as pregnancy and childbirth is a physically challenging process. Refusing women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy is a violation of their human rights though hardliners think of women as nothing more than baby-making machines and thus believe that abortion is wrong.