Why do we care what other people think


A lot of life coaches and best friends go around propagating the fact that one should be too worried about what other people think of their choices in life and their actions. While caring about what pother people think is thought of as a negative trait, it isn’t necessarily so. However, there are some pretty solid reasons that make us care about what other people think.

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Why do people think Jesus was white


If you ask anyone in the world today to describe what a Jewish man born in Jerusalem and raised in the region is supposed to look like, you would probably get a description like “medium built man with clear light brown skin, dark brown or black hair and dark from eyes”. If you know anything about human races, you can probably tell that it is as far from being a description of a white or Caucasian man as it gets. However, today everyone on the planet believes that Jesus Christ was Caucasian and had very pale skin, curly golden locks and blue eyes. We examine the reasons behind that odd belief.

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Why do people think Obamacare is bad


Before the federal government shutdown happened, Obamacare was the biggest talking point for the average American citizen. While the government is pushing ahead with its ambitious social welfare plan, the citizens aren’t as enthusiastic about it. We examine the reasons why people think Obamacare is bad.

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Why do people think their ideas are so valuable


One of the most annoying kinds of people one would ever encounter in their lives are people that believe to their core that their ideas are really valuable. Most often, such people bore you with detailed descriptions (and sometimes even images, videos and links to websites) that expand on their ideas as well. For an uninterested person, such a person is a major bore though to himself that person may be the smartest person alive. Here are a few explanations behind this delusion that people hold.

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Why do people think math is the most valuable school subject

math is the most valuable school subject

Mathematics, for those that aren’t good at it, is a terribly terrifying subject for most people while more people consider humanities and languages relatively easier subjects at school. We examine some of the other reasons behind the belief that math is the most valuable subject taught at schools.

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Why do people think about suicide

people think about suicide

Nearly everyone in the world has thoughts of suicide at one point in life or the other. While not all of us go through with it, some people think and talk about suicide so much that it leaves people around them very concerned. We examine some of the leading causes behind thoughts of suicide.

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