Why do people travel alone

travel alone

Traveling alone doesn’t rally sound all that appealing though it has gained both popularity as well as acceptance in society of late. The single traveler doesn’t get stared at so much today as he or she would have a few decades ago though for many, the concept still sounds bizarre and unthinkable. We explore a few reasons that motivate people to travel solo.

To experience the world at their own pace

Traveling with a companion is great until they begin rushing through places you want to admire for hours, talking through moments when you want to immerse yourself in philosophical reverie and asking to borrow your clean underwear because they have exhausted their own supply! Anywho, for many travelers, the trials of having to withstand someone else’s whims during a trip can be quite bumming and thus they prefer to travel alone instead of asking someone else to accompany them.

Because they couldn’t find company

Some people have to travel solo because they haven’t been able to find company for a trip. For most travelers that like to travel with friends or groups, not being able to find company for a trip can be a downer especially if the trip is to take them to a destination that have always wanted to visit but has never been popular with their friends.

They don’t want to wait for companions to clear their schedules

OK, so the term “Life Can’t Wait” was coined by a popular shampoo brand to promote their new range of products a few years ago but for the modern generations, the phrase perfectly captures the angst of not having enough play-time to counterbalance their working lives. Many people don’t want to wait till a friend, a family member or a partner has the time to make the trip. They want to live the experience “now” and traveling alone gives them