Why do people travel to Thailand


Thailand today has become synonymous with a having a good time on annual vacation. The country has always been a hot favorite with travelers from Australia and New Zealand for a few decades now though western travelers have only just begun to take note of the all the offerings that Thailand presents to global tourists.

To enjoy its pristine beaches and calm waters

As soon as anyone utters the word “Thailand”, the image of lush cliffs cocooning a pristine white sand beaches and clear waters pop into one’s head. While every resort in Thailand doesn’t offer the same view, the country’s extra long coastline is home to some of the world’s best beach resorts which are major draw for both tourists as well as business travelers from around the globe.

For medical tourism

Each year, Thailand earns more than UDS8 billion in revenue from medical tourism alone. In fact, it is the most preferred destination for medical tourists that need surgery or treatment for non-life threatening or cosmetic reasons.

It’s a safer alternative to most Asian destinations

Safety has become a huge concern for international tourist and rightly so too. Even relatively safe destinations like India, Malaysia and Indonesia experience terrorist attacks and internal strife from time to time which makes it unsafe for tourism. Most Thai tourist spots are nestled within havens that are far from cities and towns and help tourists experience the culture without really worrying about getting stuck should trouble strike the country.

To experience the culture

By most western standards, Thailand’s culture is a perfect representative of the boarder Asian culture. It has a mix of Chinese, Buddhist, Thai and Hindu traditions which allows a visitor to get a glimpse of the cultures of a lot of Asian cultures in a single trip.