Why do people waste money on apple products

Why do people waste money on apple products

Around the world, consumer electronics are trying to make higher end technology more versatile and cheaper. Apple, on the other hand, appears to be hard at work trying to make its products less versatile and costlier. But it appears that people still like to waste money on Apple products even if they could purchase a similar, if not better product, for a fraction of the cost from another manufacturer. We examine the reason behind this strange customer behavior.

People believe Apple is American made

The single biggest reason why Apple products are more popular than Asian-made devices with better specs is because people genuinely believe that Apple products are all-American, i.e., they are American made. That, of course, is not true.

Owning an Apple device means you have money to waste

If you own an Apple device, it instantly signals to everyone around you that you are financially better off than them. Even if you could buy a budget phone with the same specs as an Apple gadget, showing off your $200 phone is more satisfying to the ego.

Buyers assume Apple is the best

If you do a comparative study of products by Apple’s rival like Samsung, you’d find that the latter’s flagship handset (quad core Galaxy S4) is actually a whole generation ahead of the former’s top line phone (dual core iPhone 5). However, buyers simply assume that the latest and most expensive gadget from a company with a hyped reputation like Apple has got to be the best there is or it wouldn’t be so priced so high.

Customers do not do enough research

Most consumers do not understand the technical aspects of everyday gadgets. Hence, they simply cannot tell is an Apple product is better or worse off than a lower priced product from a rival or relatively unknown brand and just buy the Apple product because they just can’t tell the difference between the two.