Why Do Rappers Talk About Illuminati

Rappers Talk About Illuminati

Illuminati indicate toward a sort of secret society that aims at creating a new order in the world. Some people believe that this organization includes many wealthiest people in this world. It is thought that Illuminati members are very strong and powerful. They usually worship devils and spread conspiracy theories about rappers. Many rappers are believed to be a part of this society. However, nobody knows of the reality. It is thought that rappers are forced to follow the instructions of this secret group and they may also be killed if they go against its wishes.

Some people also have the opinion that rappers prefer not to speak against Illuminati. In case some exceptions are seen where rappers have opened their secrets, these rappers died after some time. It is thought that this group has control over almost anything that goes on in the lives of rappers. Thus, rappers have Illuminati as a hot topic to talk about. They feel that Illuminati can bring them fame if they follow their will. That is why some rappers have also become the members of this organization. People think that many top rappers are at this level of fame because of their association with Illuminati.

Instead of facing negative consequences, some rappers choose to go on a path that Illuminati ask them to follow. Even their song lyrics are altered according to the needs of this group. On the other hand, people feel that rappers have sold their souls to receive more fame and money. It is also a belief that this group has killed many rappers and also has the power to kill anybody anytime. There are big names in different industries that are controlled by this organization. Whether it is the whole music industry or just the rappers, Illuminati supposedly have control over everything.