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Why Do Firefighters Use Dalmatians

Why Do Firefighters Use Dalmatians

If you ever check those fire trucks, then you would mostly find a Dalmatian dog accompanying firefighters. You may even go to a firehouse to see Dalmatians running around. What is this special relationship between firefighters and Dalmatians? Let us find out.

It is actually an age-old tradition to carry Dalmatians with firefighting trucks. In older days, horse-drawn carriages were used to travel from one place to another. Thus, horses often used to be stolen or were scared using other animals. Dalmatians actually protected those horses from other dogs or animals. They also accompanied running horses with matching speed. Since then, Dalmatians have become symbols of status and speed. Firefighters traveling in horse wagons always used to carry along a Dalmatian for their horse’s protection.

This tradition has been continued and firefighters still carry a Dalmatian that could let bystanders know that a firefighting truck is on its way. Thus, bystanders can make way for an approaching vehicle. In addition, Dalmatians take care of the equipment and belongings of firefighters while they are involved in their work. While Dalmatians used to run behind firefighting wagons in older days, they now sit inside fire trucks. Apart from this reason, Dalmatians also catch or kill mice that occupy spaces in fire stations.

Many firefighters have been carrying on their tradition of taking the company of a Dalmatian. They think that Dalmatians are strong and active dogs that are also well behaved. Since these are neat and clean breeds, they look fashionable to be carried along with firefighters. Many photographers covering fire scenes and fire trucks find it great to take pictures of these black and white Dalmatians. Thus, these helpful creatures have continued to be a part of this long tradition, as they have always served firefighters in one way or another. They have been long-time and loyal friends of these firefighters.

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