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Why do refrigerators leak

Why do refrigerators leak

Have you ever wondered why does a fridge, otherwise working well, begin to leak water suddenly? It may be chilling your food and giving you ice regularly but may still leak.  Actually, fridges have plastic tubing which can sometimes break down and can cause leakages.  If the plastic tube has ruptured, it will show by making a pool of water under your fridge.

If your fridge is leaking then the chances are that either the water line or drain line has got ruptured. On the other hand, if your fridge has an automatic icemaker or water dispenser attached then the water supply line to these attachments may be broken, causing leakages. In fact, in the fridges which come with automatic icemakers have a drain line connecting to drain pan behind the fridge at the bottom. With time, mold build up in this drain line can cause rupture leading to leakage in the fridge. Rupture in the drain line can also lead to water leakage inside the fridge.

This leakage from your fridge can cause many problems and can prove hazardous especially if there are children or elderly people in the house. Besides, continuous pool of water in the kitchen can lead to damaged baseboards, electrical fittings, walls and floor. Moisture build up due to constant leakage can also lead to mold formation on your kitchen floor and walls.

You can easily replace the tubes which have got ruptured in your fridge. Ask a serviceman to come with the right fittings. You can tell him your fridge’s model number for right tubes. Defrosting your fridge regularly is a good way to prevent potential leakages and ruptures in your fridge to prolong its life.

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