Why do you need to put salt in dishwasher

Why do you need to put salt in dishwasher

Dishwasher is a real boon for women who are always juggling their professional lives with personal lives. Imagine how easy a dishwasher can make the life of a working woman who has to go to office for eight hours a day and has to return to home only to host a group of 10 people for a lavish dinner. A dishwasher can solve half of her problems by quickly supplying sparkling clean dishes, glassware and cutlery.

But the sparkling clean utensils do not come on their own. For keeping them bright and clean, a few things need to be added in dishwasher like abrasive detergents, bleaches, enzymes and salt. This salt is not the regular common salt or rock salt used in the kitchen. It is a special salt available on the stores which makes the dishes clean. Now the question is when you should start using salt as a cleaning agent?

Actually salt does not act as cleaning agent directly but helps in keeping dishes sparkling by removing hard minerals from the water. Hard water is not a good cleaning agent as it “clouds” the dishes. Adding salt helps in removing the hardness and hence cloudiness from the utensils.

Some dishwashers have water softening feature in which this salt needs to be added regularly in order to make the water soft. Generally there are indicators attached with these features which tell you when to top up them with salts, but in case there is none then adding a cup full of salt each month is the thumb rule.

Do not use regular salt in your dishwasher. General salts can corrode the tubes and pipes inside the washer. Always use special granular salt available at appliance store for increasing the efficacy of your dishwasher.