Why do refrigerators smell so bad

Why do refrigerators smell so bad

There are a number of reasons behind bad odors coming from the refrigerator. Generally, people stock lots of left over in the fridge and forget about them over a period of time. Gradually these leftovers develop bacteria and the food begins to rot, emitting a very foul odor. Every time you open the fridge, this bad odor spills out of the fridge.

Besides, some foods like milk, curd, buttermilk, etc tend to quickly absorb the foul smells and it affects their taste drastically. If you use such milk in your tea, you will find a very different taste and will not be able to enjoy your cuppa.

In order to avoid such smells, it is important to clean your fridge regularly and immediately clean the spills, if any. It is also important to develop the habit of discarding spoiled food at the earliest. If the fridge emits too much of bad odor which does not go away after removing the culprit then clean the fridge from inside and wash the interior with baking soda and water or ready-made sanitizers available in market.

Sometimes, fridge emit a burning smell which is generally caused by burning dust on various components of fridge like condenser coils, compressor terminals, etc. It happens when the dust begins to accumulate on these parts and begins to get warm while the fridge is working. This dust then begins to burn and emit burning smell. It can be avoided by turning off the fridge and cleaning these parts with clean cotton cloth after they have cooled down.

Sometimes, damaged coils of the fridge get overheated and this leads to burning of insulated plastic surrounding the cables. The burnt plastic emits a stinking smell. To remove this kind of odor, you need to remove entire insulation from the wires and get them changed by a professional.