Why Do Sheep Need A Shepherd

Why Do Sheep Need A Shepherd

If you have been to some farming lands, then you would have observed several flocks of sheep running here and there on roads and in nearby areas. When you watch a flock carefully, you would usually notice a shepherd guiding the whole flock of those sheep. Have you ever wondered why these sheep need a shepherd to accompany them? It is a common thought among people who stay in farm areas and villages. However, there are logical reasons behind this fact. Check out some of these common reasons behind sheep being guided by shepherds.

For safety purposes

Sheep are basically timid, fearful and gentle animals. When it comes to protecting themselves from predators, sheep feel helpless. Thus, many carnivorous animals easily make sheep their prey. A shepherd accompanies sheep in order to keep a watch over such predators. Shepherds can actually keep flocks of sheep away from such areas where they could become the food of other animals. They keep all these sheep at protected places so their safety can be ensured.

For guiding sheep

Sheep are not thought to be very intelligent. They often forget their routes when they go grazing. Thus, shepherds can guide them on the right way while sheep wander in a large area. Shepherds make them reach their habitats, as well as to places where they can find enough grass to graze on.

For governing sheep’s activities

When sheep find an open area, they just start running from here to there. They may also indulge in activities that could be self-destructive. Thus, shepherds are very much required to take care of these sheep. Shepherds govern all the activities of a flock and help them survive in this world. Without a shepherd, a sheep could anytime be run over by a passing vehicle or be eaten by a cruel animal.