Why do sky divers wear helmets

Why do skydivers wear helmets

We all know that helmet is an absolutely must accessory as far as safety is concerned but is it true for skydivers also. When you are making a jump from thousands of feet above the ground then you need to make sure that all the safety precautions has been taken care of. Although the general notion is that if your parachute fails to open mid air then helmet is of little or no use since fall from such a height could be fatal.

There are several reasons behind the skydivers wearing helmet. First and foremost is that when you are making the jump in groups, which is quite common, then during the free fall you may bang your head with other skydivers. In such a case helmet will protect you from any untoward injury.

Other reason why skydivers wear helmet is to keep their head warm and protect it from the extreme cold that is prevalent at the heights from which they make jump. Also the possibility of a bird hitting you directly on your head while you are in sky can also not be ruled out. In such an instance the helmet will surely give you the protection you need.

Consider another case in which you safely make it to the ground but due to some reason you start tumbling and fall down or you land in bushes or tree. In these cases also the helmet is going to help you from getting injured. Also in case if you have long hairs then helmet will neatly put your hairs in place to prevent it from obstructing your view.

All in all wearing helmet when you are skydiving is an absolute must and you should not desist from it. After all safety comes first and helmet keeps you safe is all the circumstances mentioned above.