Why Do Some Home Plants Die

Why Do Some Home Plants Die

Many people complain that their home plants die before they even get aware of the fact. For all such individuals who love to garden, it is essential to know the basic reasons behind the early death of their plants. Check out what to avoid if you wish to give a long-long life to your favorite baby plants.

Improper amount of sunlight: There is no living being, including plants, which can grow and develop healthily without food. Plants make their food through the process of photosynthesis, which requires daylight as a necessary component. If plants are not provided enough sunlight, then they will not be able to make food for themselves. This will further lead to their stunted growth and unhealthy development.

When your plants are kept for long under shade or in the dark, then there is almost no exposure to daylight. Thus, most of them are bound to die in a short time. In fact, many plants may also die because of their overexposure to sun. Overexposure can kill the chlorophyll in their green leaves and plants will slowly shrink. Still, a few plants survive under both the conditions. However, you need to give all your plants at least some amount of sunlight.

Lack of nutritious soil: Plants need vitamins and minerals to gain sufficient amount of nutrition. These elements are received from the soil in which they are planted. If soil does not have nutrition-rich organic matter, then plants will definitely not be able to meet their nutrition requirements. Thus, they die if the deficiency of essential elements continues for a long time. It is important to add rich manure to their soil.

Incorrect watering: Without the absorption of sufficient water, plants may not stay upright and make food. If you give them too less water, then all their parts will not receive proper nutrition that is transported by water. Their roots may also be damaged if they receive excess amount of water. Thus, it is best to know your plant and its healthy growth needs before watering it or keeping it under sun for long hours.