Why Do Some People Start Smoking as Teenagers

Smoking as Teenagers

While you may see no-smoking signs at various places in your surroundings and observe many kinds of campaigns taking place to make people aware of the harms of smoking, there are still some people who begin developing this habit every day. If that strikes your brain and you want to know why that happens to even teenagers, then check out some of the following reasons that explain it all.

  • Stress removal: Somehow, stress becomes one of the major reasons why an individual picks up his/her first cigarette. People feel that it may act as some type of medication, as they may also have seen others doing the same during the times of excessive stress. However, they soon go trapped into the stress-cigarette-stress cycle and may not come out unfortunately.
  • Excessive advertising: This is also considered as a big support to young people initiating the habit of smoking. When they see catchy, colorful and appealing ads on tobacco products, they get tempted to try these for once. Even if the ads come with warnings, these are usually unnoticeable when such ads are too flashy.
  • Peer pressure: Youngsters mostly fall into the net of smoking because of peer pressure in their schools and colleges. Children, especially those who have some insecurities or frustrations, get used to this habit quite quickly. They feel they will become more acceptable once in their social circle once they start smoking like others in the group.
  • Social display: Young people feel that smoking can make them look more confident or powerful in the society. They also believe it to be rewarding in terms of enhanced personality and style. This is why they pick up their first cigarette at an early age.
  • Influence of parents: Another powerful factor that promotes smoking in youngsters is their smoking parents. They tend to adopt whatever they see their parents doing and get motivated to be active smokers like them.