Why Do They Say that You Should Pee on Wounds

Pee on Wounds

Do you find it disgusting and meaningless when you hear about peeing on your wounds? Well, many people may feel so when they are first told about it. However, you may alter your views after knowing about the medical benefits of peeing on your stings and wounds. Urine may have magical effects when tried to cure wounds and some other ailments. In fact, there are several health practitioners who use urine for therapeutic purposes. This urine therapy helps in mending a variety of medical conditions in human beings.

Various studies have indicated the positive effects of urine on the wound healing process. Urine contains various types of nutrients and also has balanced pH. Another advantage of urine is its being non-toxic and full of healing compounds. It is both antibacterial and antiviral. Thus, it only has positive effects on cuts, wounds, abrasions, etc. Some experts suggest that urine can even be effective on acne and other skin diseases. There are various kinds of skin infections that urine can treat. Apart from this, urine has also been used to do medication developments like those of estrogen replacements.

While the idea of peeing on your wounds may not sound right to some, it may be extremely beneficial in an emergency situation when you do not have any antibacterial cleansing agent to apply on cuts and bites that happen suddenly. It is usually suggested that the urine of an infant is most sterile and highly effective on skin problems. Additionally, urine as an antibacterial cleanser is suggested to those people who have received a jellyfish sting. Its intake can even hydrate someone’s body in an emergency situation. Thus, urine is proved to be an effective medicine for wounds, provided you can overcome the nasty feel it might give you. It is an advantageous nutrient provider and does not cause you any harm.