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Why do washing machines have windows

Why do washing machines have windows

There are two types of washing machines available in the market – the front loaders or the washing machines with a window system and the top loaders that comes without any window in the front part. People are increasingly buying front loaders instead of top loaders because they are being known as energy savers. They use less water and energy per use as compared to top loader washing machines.

The conventional machines have a drum which needs to be filled up with water in order to submerge the clothes. They obviously need more water and accordingly more energy to spin the agitators . On the other hand, washing machines with windows do not have agitators , and hence there is up to 20% more space to fit in more clothes and they need very little water to run. These machines use different variety of detergents which do not make lots of foam and hence need small amount of water for washing.

Front door washing machines are expensive than conventional machines but the amount of water and energy saved a year offset the prices over a period of time. According to an estimate, on an average up to $100 a year can be saved while using washing machines with windows.

In front load washing machines, the window is given to see what is going on inside. In the top loader machine, you can open it at any time even when the machine is on wash mode but you cannot do so in front load machine, for the water will spill if you open the window on the washing mode. Otherwise, windows do not provide any other functional leverage to washing machines.


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