Why do refrigerators make so much noise

Why do refrigerators make so much noise

Refrigerators make loud noises due to a number of reasons. If your refrigerator is making weird noises then you need to check a number of things.

Drip Plate

If you hear loud noises of water dripping inside the refrigerator then the culprit is the drain plate. When you defrost your fridge, the melted ice collects here in this plate. If the plate is brimming from water then it may create rattling sound. Although the fridge comes built-in with a water evaporating system, but if the plate is full then you can remove the water manually too.

Sometimes, the support that holds the plate become loose and creates a weird sound. Check the support, if you find it loose or damaged, then either secure it with tape or some adhesive or replace it.


Compressor is installed at the rear bottom of the fridge. It is usually encased in a black box is connected with lots of wires and tubes. If you hear humming sounds, around the compressor, and simultaneously your fridge is not cooling properly then there may be a problem with the compressor. Compressor needs to be fixed by a professional and you cannot do much about it on your own.

Condenser fan motor

If the condenser motor fan is dirty then it may cause a swooshing sound. If you find it abnormal then switch off the fridge and wipe clean the fan and its blades with a clean muslin cloth. Also make sure that the metallic blades of the fan do not touch anything and they are attached properly with the motor. If you still find noise emitting from motor after cleaning and checking the blades then you need to get it replaced.

Defrost timer and water valve

Defrost timer and water valve also begin to make noise if they gets too old, so better replace them for proper functioning and peaceful environment.

Evaporator fan motor

If the noises are coming from the freezer then evaporator fan motor can be the offender. As it gets older it begins to make strange noises.