Why Do We Break Our New Year’s Resolutions


A majority of us break our New Year’s resolutions within the first few months of a year. If you think that you belong to the same group and want to know the reasons behind this fact, then read on to know more.

Making unrealistic goals

Many people experience an internal jealousy when they make over-commitments to themselves. They set unrealistic goals that are difficult to achieve. Thus, they start finding excuses to break their resolution once they feel that they have made more commitments than required. Their unrealistic goals make them blame other factors for taking a break from their previously set resolutions. While some people start blaming their busy schedules, others blame it on an external obstacle preventing them from reaching their goals.

Making an incorrect resolution

Some New Year’s resolutions are wrong in themselves. People are hasty to choose take their resolutions and often make wrong choices. They simply do not have the time and energy to fulfill that resolution. In some cases, people do not even need to make those resolutions. Thus, they break those resolutions when they find that they are not even committed to them. Nobody can feel motivated to achieve a goal if there is no commitment.

Lack of motivation

Some people set their resolutions but lack the required motivation to achieve their goals. Thus, they break their resolutions mid-way when they do not feel excited to complete goals.

Lack of accountability

Many a times, people set New Year’s resolutions but keep it to them. Thus, there is no accountability during the process of achieving their targets. Had the resolution been shared with family and friends, there would be more accountability and people would feel drawn toward meeting their goals. Resolutions are broken more in cases where these are not shared with others and lack accountability.