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Why do we call internet network of networks

Why do we call internet network of networks

Before explaining the above question let’s get a fair idea about Internet. Internet, also known as World Wide Web, is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) which connects billions of users worldwide. Initially networks like BBS system, Milnet, DAPRANET were not interconnected to each other and that led to the base concept of connecting these wide numbers of networks together via a new strong global connection called the Internet.

With its wide range of applications, Internet is not just one network rather it is called the network of networks. Millions of private firms, public sectors, government offices, academic institutions and business networks of local as well as global status are connected by Internet. All these networks are linked together by a broad array of wireless, electronic and optical wiring technology. Internet is the source of unlimited amount of information and services, such as the hypertext documents of World Wide Web and the whole structure that support the e-mail service.

The amazing feature of hypertext is a method of cross referencing as you must have noticed in certain websites that words or sentences appear in different color and are underlined. You just have to click on those words or sentences and you will be directed to a new network. This shows internet is interconnected via a number of networks.

Internet is like a huge working network, as there are dozens of computers in the city and all these computers are linked together as a local area network (LAN). And there are hundreds of such LANs in cities, in a wider area, called “WAN” or wide area network. You will be amazed that thousands of WANs are spread across the entire earth and connected via Bridges transferring information around the world. So, internet is like network of networks spread across the entire world like a web.


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