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Why do braces spacers hurt

Why do braces spacers hurt

Braces are a common childhood nightmare that you might have already faced or going to face. Braces help in giving a proper shape to your teeth and help in several other dental problems. But before putting braces you first need to place bracers spacers in your teeth and that can be very painful. But why do you need braces spacers and why spacers hurt so much? The answers are right here.

Once you decide on getting braces, the first thing your dentist do is place spacers back in your teeth. Braces spacers are placed mainly to create enough room for the anchors used to join the braces. The role of anchor is to slide over your back teeth smoothly and get attached to braces for extra support.

Spacers are placed in the back teeth area to make space between them and then anchor is placed on the top of the teeth. Placing spacers between teeth is the only hurting time in the whole brace fitting process and that is because of the extra new force which holds the teeth very tightly. Eventually, teeth in the mouth are connected to the gum via ropes and when spacers are pushed away cause pain in the teeth.

The braces spacers are kept for a period of one or max two weeks as they work quickly. Teeth are not able to bear the extra pressure and surrenders to the spacers. After the spacers are removed, you need to put braces on it to relieve pain or irritation. People who get spacers are provided with pain killers and are advised to eat only cold and soft food items. You are also warned not to pick on spacers as they might fall out from your mouth.


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