Why Do We Call Wednesday “Hump Day”

hump day

You would have heard some people calling Wednesday as the Hump Day. If you have not known the reason behind it, it might have happened due to cultural differences. In some cultures, people have actually divided their workweek according to the shape of a hump. The hump shape is like a hill or mound and people feel like climbing up their workweek during the early days of a week while going down during the latter days of a week. They think that Wednesday is the middle of their workweek and forms the peak of the hump.

While people from different cultures have varied opinions about the hump of a workweek, many consider Wednesday as the middle of their workweek that goes from Monday to Friday. While they climb up their workweek on Mondays and Tuesdays, they go down the peak on Thursdays and Fridays. Thus, every Wednesday is called as the Hump Day by them. This is done to anticipate the weekend when Wednesdays give an indication of it. You would mostly find Western cultures using this term, as their workweek lasts from Monday to Friday. In a few cultures, a workweek is not defined in the same manner.

Those who use the term Hump Day are generally involved in tedious tasks and feel relaxed when Wednesdays come. On this day, they know that they have passed the two hardest days of their workweek and can be more hopeful toward the weekend. The Hump Day gives them a comforting feel that they would soon be relaxing. People say that Wednesday is the day that is filled with maximum hope. It is the height of a workweek hill after which the rest of the days become supposedly easier to pass as one goes down the hill toward Saturdays and Sundays or the off-days of a week.