Why do we celebrate Father’s Day

19th June is a very important day in the lives of children all over the world. For, 19th June is celebrated as Father’s Day in most of the countries. On 19th June 1910, First Fathers’ Day was celebrated when the governor of US state of Washington proclaimed nation’s first father’s day.

Father’s day is a celebration meant to recognize the efforts put in by our fathers in raising us, giving us good education and sacrificing many material comforts for our well being. In fact, father’s day is the day when we should celebrate not only our father but all the fathers of the world who do so much for their children without making any fuss about it.

The origin of this special day lies in the efforts made by an American woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonara heard a sermon about Mother’s day in a church. After hearing the sermon, Sonara decided that there should be a day to show our love and respect towards fathers since her father had raised her and her five siblings after her mother passed away. Celebrating father’s day seemed a right way to honor her father.

Initially people mocked the idea and it met with resistance from the influential people of the society but Sonara persisted. Later on, on 19 June 1910 first father’s day was proclaimed but it was only in 1972, the day became an official holiday in USA.

This year, celebrate father’s day as a mark of respect for your father and honor him by fulfilling his wishes. Don’t hesitate to utter a few words of thanks to him and show your love and respect for him.