Why Do We Enjoy Watching People Argue

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You would have surely come across a couple or a group of individuals involved in an argument in public. What were your feelings when you saw them arguing so passionately with each other? Did you like it or hate it? Well, even if you did not like such behavior of theirs, there are some people who truly enjoy it. Check out why enjoy it when others debate openly over issues.

For sadistic pleasure

There are many such people who find sadistic pleasure when they see others arguing or verbally fighting at a public place. It offers them inner peace and satisfaction. It also lets them know that others in pairs are not so happy people as they had imagined. Since such people are generally not in similar relationships, they feel pleasured when others are also unhappy in those relations.

For being funny

Some people tell that they find such arguments funny. They not only find the expressions of people in arguments funny, but also find it amusing to see how people have been arguing with the same relatives or friends whom they appreciated so much in a normal situation.

For being entertaining

It is also true for some individuals that they find it entertaining when others argue or fight with each other. It is similar to a person watching a boxing match and fun to know who will win the argument. Thus, it is like an entertainment activity like any other such activity.

For gossiping

Some people find it a good stuff while others argue over a matter. They think that this stuff can be used to tell their own versions of a story or for gossiping about the whole situation. This offers them a pastime activity when they go and sit with a group of friends. They know that it is a dramatic scene that can capture anybody’s attention, and thus, they like to share it with others.