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Why do we get dandruff

Why do we get dandruff

Dandruff is a diabolic problem and getting rid of it seems almost impossible as it keeps coming back. Understanding the reasons of dandruff may help you to combat it more efficiently. The problem of dandruff becomes apparent only after puberty, when we enter the teenage. This is the time when the oil glands of our body become more active and produce excess oil. Beneath every hair there is an oil gland which is responsible for producing oil. Excess oil can cause our scalp to become the nest of bacteria and infections. Unhealthy and dirty scalp can be the main reason of dandruff.

Not cleaning the scalp properly and not combing everyday can cause dandruff. Because when you neglect the cleaning procedure of the scalp the dry skin gets stored and unclean scalp is the harvesting ground of bacteria. Some people complain of dandruff especially in winter. This is because like our body skin the skin on our scalp also loses moisture in winter and becomes excessively dry. Dry skin transforms into dandruff flakes. The dryness also makes your scalp etch. Yeast is also responsible for dandruff. Many people are there who get yeast infections easily.

Dandruff gets worse when neglected and not countered fast. People who do not shampoo their hair at least thrice a week will not be able to get rid of this problem. Proper food is also necessary for maintaining a healthy scalp. People who do not eat sufficient zinc and other mineral rich foods are more likely to get dandruff. Heart disease or other long term diseases can also lead to a dry scalp and dandruff. Too much stress is a major reason behind dandruff. A fast lifestyle, late nights and drinking too much alcohol can also be the reason why you have dandruff. After deducting the cause you will have to start with the curing process immediately or else dandruff might become your forever companion.

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