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Why Do We Involve in Festival Celebrations

Why Do We Involve in Festival Celebrations

While we all celebrate one or the other festival in our communities, states and nations, have you ever wondered why we actually celebrate these festivals with so much fun and fervor? Even if you have not given a thought to this, the reasons behind every religion celebrating some festivals are quite simple. If you feel that festivals are just celebrated to bring together communities and groups of people, then it is not the only cause.

The major factor driving such intense celebrations is to remove the negativity from this world that people face on a daily basis in their lives. Individuals never gain complete satisfaction with their possessions and always remain on an urge to collect more. There is jealousy and hatred among many people that pollutes their minds and leads to further dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Festivals are the ways through which this unhappiness can be converted into real and heartfelt happiness.

On festivals, people only concentrate on celebrations. Their negativity gets buried down somewhere, even if that is for a short period. During this time, they interact with their relatives, friends and loved ones. All their stress flows down during the celebration process and they are refreshed with new positive energy. This break from negativity is essential and that is why every religion has set their festivals to celebrate from time immemorial.

Festivals are highly necessary to take a break from regular thoughts and reduce friction among ourselves. These are great occasions when you can even turn your foes into friends. We not only bring freshness, joy and amusement in our lives through festivals, but also remember specific occasions through each of these days. For instance, the birth of Jesus is characterized by the celebration of Christmas every year. Without festivals, we would have continued living in our world of constant madness and tensions.

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