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Why Do We Run Away from Negativity

Why Do We Run Away from Negativity

You are not the only one who avoids negative thoughts or things. Many people have a fear of negativity that forces them to avoid any action, thing or subject that invokes negativity in them. In fact, several people are fed up of their life events, jobs, personal relationships, and many other aspects. All such people get so overwhelmed by their intense emotions that they do not want to even hear a negative word.

They need a respite from their stressful situations, as they are no longer able to handle the excessive strain that negativity puts on their minds. While there is nothing bad about this behavior, it is more of self-sabotage that means you walk away from something because it triggers anxiety within you or makes you uneasy. Instead, it is more helpful if they can actually face the root cause of their trouble and try to remove it. A long-term solution to a problem may be far better than finding a short-term way to feel good.

Dealing with a negative stimulus by avoiding it may simply be an irrational belief in many cases. It may also drain the energy that an individual has, and make him or her weaker to face negative situations when these occur in clusters. Apart from this, the avoidance behavior may also lead to a buildup of more negative emotions within the person. Thus, it may cause constant anxiety and fear of facing negative emotions.

If someone wants to win over their stresses and anxiety, then they require to avoid this avoidance mechanism to deal with negativity. Instead, they should bring their negative emotions to the focus of their consciousness. It can help them dissolve their emotions, as well as make them avoid self-defeating practices. Running away from one negative emotion would only let the person end up in a cyclic chain of negativity.

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