Why do we love cooking shows

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Cooking shows have been around a decade or more with us and though they have changed the pattern and formats we still love them as before. Food is a great component of hit shows because though we are not aware we think about food during a huge part of the day. The truth is that all our activities are primarily directed at acquiring food for ourselves. Food is attached with the very basic instincts that we have and it is the driving force behind a society. When such a favorite topic is being explored by the skilled hands of gourmet cooks how can we not pay our attention to the television? And that’s why cookery shows have become a huge hit all over the world.

The culinary skills of the chefs are awe inspiring and we are mesmerized by their knowledge and confidence about food. At home most of us cannot fix a three course dinner but when we watch the chefs and contestants perform wonder with salmons, fruits and eggs we are riveted to our couch and cannot change the channel. There are two types of cookery shows in the television. In the first cooking is taught by the host or a guest chef or both in turns and in the second there is a competition going on and the super chefs are the judges.

People watch the first sort of programs with the good intention of learning something new and often copy the recipes. It is difficult to follow the recipes in the competitive cookery shows but those sure give us a sort of adrenaline rush. Culinary enthusiasts get to learn a lot of new things about food and the vegetables, meat and fish found in different regions of the world. The popularity of the cooking shows also come from the fact that we get to see the most respected chefs perform on screen and what they do seem nothing less than magic to us.